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Leufort is a dynamic and innovative development consulting firm, headquartered in the vibrant city of Mogadishu founded in 2020 by a team of experienced consultants with a passion for helping organizations and governments achieve their goals. With a strong commitment to driving positive change, Leufort specializes in providing comprehensive solutions to government agencies, organizations, and companies across various sectors.

At Leufort, we firmly believe in the power of comprehensive solutions to drive positive change. We specialize in providing tailored consulting services to government agencies, organizations, and companies across various sectors
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Educational Development Consulting

Education is another key focus area for Leufort. We understand the critical role education plays in shaping societies and empowering individuals

Policy formulation and implementation

Policy formulation and implementation are areas where many organizations and government agencies face challenges.

Financial Management Consulting

At Leufort, we firmly believe that transformation starts with effective financial management.

Leadership Development

Leadership development is another crucial aspect we focus on in our workshops. We believe that effective leadership is the cornerstone of organizational success.


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